Agenda for Graduate Council Meeting
Monday, November 16, 2020


I. College of Science & Engineering


Proposal for Change in Existing Course(s):

GEOL 50493 – Change in course description
GEOL 50593 – Change in title and description
GEOL 50713 – Change in course number


I. College of Education

Change in Program(s):

EDPC-MED (Professional Counseling) – drop program
TCU-MAT (TCUTeach-mid/sec Ed MAT) – drop program
Supporting document – SACSCOC Justification for EDPC-MED & TCU-MAT

II. College of Science & Engineering

Change in Program(s): Ralph Lowe Energy Management

RLEM-CRT – drop program
Supporting document – SACSCOC Justification

New Course(s): Environmental Science

ENSC 50213 – Environmental Geology
ENSC 50493 – Physical Hydrology
ENSC 50593 – Environmental Modeling

III. Neeley School of Business

Change in Program(s):

MAC (Master of Accounting) – drop various programs
MBA (Ministry & Non-Profit) – drop program
MSBA (Master of Science Business Analytics) – change in program requirements

New Course(s):

ACCT 60011 – Accounting Fundamentals
BUSI 60090 – Data Ethics Privacy
INSC 60051 – Tech Boot Camp

Graduate Studies

Graduate Certificate Programs – Report by Dr. Fran Huckaby