Changes to an Existing Program or Proposing a New Program

Changes to institutional offerings are subject to what SACSCOC calls a substantive change, meaning a significant departure from what the institution was previously authorized to offer. There are three results associated with program changes based on whether or not the change is a significant departure and what reporting options are required.

Please read this document before your submission to determine what action is needed, if any, for SACSCOC approval.

Important information for substantive changes


Assessment Plan Map

Change Graduate Program/Course

New Academic Program Budget

New Graduate Course Proposal

New Program Approval Process

New Program Permission to Plan Form

New Program Permission to Plan Instructions

New Program Submission

New Program Submission Form Instructions

Program Faculty Productivity Table

Program Full-time and Support Faculty Table

SACSCOC Drop Program Justification

Student Access and Accommodation

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan

Syllabus Resources